Sunset Catamaran Enjoying the winds at sea and sipping a cocktail is one of the most popular experiences in Oahu! And of course, nothing beats the colors of a sunset! Polynesian Cultural Center Students visited the Polynesian

ACTIVITIES Sunset Picnic One of the best ways for students to get to know each other is by joining our Sunset Picnic. Every month we take a trip to the beach known as Magic Island for a

Zipline Enjoying the beautiful views and experiencing the adrenaline rush on this ziplining adventure. World Ocean's Day Celebrated World Ocean's Day by joining a water activity! GV Hawaii offers a wide variety of ocean adventures from surfing

ACTIVITIES Ukulele Ukulele lesson activities are available for our students throughout the month. We also offer private lessons as part of our English + Ukulele program. Spam Jam Festival The festivities opened up with a celebration honoring

SAVE THE DATE!! GV Hawaii Annual Potluck Picnic!! GV Hawaii's annual potluck picnic will take place this year at Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park on August 5th. Join us as we celebrate what truly makes

Hula Hula lesson activities are available for our students throughout the month. We also offer private Hula lessons as part of our English + Hula program. Surfing Our group surf lessons are an Anytime Activity;our students are

GETTING EXCITED FOR SUMMER!! Global Village Hawaii still has space in our fantastic summer Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) and Teen Learners of English (TLE) Programs! These popular programs will run from July 3 to August

Yoga Even though it was raining outside, students were able to get their cardio in! For our Yoga enthusiasts, we offer English+ Yoga programs where students can take private yoga lessons and study English. Nagaoka Fireworks Click

GV Hawaii is excited to share this summer's draft activity calendars for the Cambridge Learners' of English (YLE) and (TLE) programs! As you will see, the YLE and TLE calendars consist of various fun activities from cultural excursions, sightseeing,

ACTIVITIES Students learned some hula basics and started practicing more advanced moves to the song "Na Cowboy" - a song about Hawaii's Cowboys. 【Sunset Catamaran Sail】 Wonderful views out at sea! Students enjoyed all you can drink

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