Honolulu Festival

The Honolulu festival is one of Hawaii’s largest cultural event that promotes cooperation and harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. Many of our students and staff joined the rest of the community to enjoy the festivities this year. There they sampled different foods and drinks, and watched performers from many countries such as Japan, Australia, Tahiti, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Hawaii and the mainland United States. The festival ended with a beautiful display of fireworks from Nagaoka, Japan to promote friendship, peace, and harmony between Japan and the United States.

Cooking with Matt

In February, we had students cooking takoyaki and in March’s Cooking with Matt activity, two of our Swiss students brought the flavors of home to their peers in this cooking class. One student introduced raclette, melted cheese served with potatoes and other vegetables, and the other student introduced zopf, a swiss braided bread. Students turned the kitchen area into a global gathering place and enjoyed chatting over a hot, cheesy meal and bonded while learning how to braid dough.