That's what the GV experience is all about.


Our activity Coordinator takes great pride in organizing culturally enriching experiences that will demonstrate the uniqueness of Hawaii.

Each month a new creative calendar will be posted in-house, so you can see the full range and diversity that GV Hawaii has to offer. While you are taking part in these carefully planned activities, you and your fellow students from around the world will be able to practice your communication skills developed in the classroom and have a great time, too.


Surfing lessons (Group), Hula lessons (Group), Swim with dolphins, Shark Cage Dive, Skydiving, Ukulele lessons (Group), Watching college sports at the University of Hawaii, BBQ and watching the fireworks, Whale watching (Limited time), Catamaran sailing, Hiking, Various volunteer activities (beach clean-up, etc.)





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Updates on GV Hawaii Activities

Giving Back to the Community

In Hawaii, the concepts of ‘Malama’ (to care for) and ‘Kokua’ (to help) are part of the local culture. With these in mind, our students have taken the time to care for the land they are visiting by cleaning up the beaches and parks, and helped out the local community ...
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Cultural Experiences Being in Hawaii means being able to experience the many cultural activities Hawaii has to offer. At Global Village Hawaii, we provide our students many of these opportunities from lei making, to hula dancing, and learning to play the ukulele.  Speaking of ukulele, did you know the ukulele ...
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Lanikai Pillbox (Ka’iwa Ridge) Hike Lanikai Pillbox (Ka’iwa Ridge) is one of the most popular hikes on the island and is known for its beautiful views. Even for a short hike up the mountain, students were able to learn about taking care of the land they are visiting. Lanikai Pillbox hike, ...
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Volunteering in Hawaii

Volunteering in Hawaii April is Earth Month in America! This time in particular is a time to raise awareness around the issues that affect nature. For our students, they had the opportunity to learn and help to make Hawaii a better place through volunteering. Some previous opportunities were the Waikiki Aquarium ...
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Honolulu Festival The Honolulu festival is one of Hawaii’s largest cultural event that promotes cooperation and harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. Many of our students and staff joined the rest of the community to enjoy the festivities this year. There they sampled different foods ...
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