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Need to improve your exam scores? Let us help!

  • Lessons: 20 lessons per week OR 25 lessons per week
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • Student Visa (F-1): Required for 25 lessons per week
  • Levels: FCE (Object level: GV level 5-6 equivalent)   CAE (Object level: GV level 7 equivalent)
  • Number of students per class: Maximum 16 students, Small class sizes average 10 students per class
  • Ages: Ages 16+
  • Duration: 8 weeks OR 10 weeks
  • Start date: 4 times a year (1/8/2024, 3/25/2024, 7/1/2024*, 10/7/2024) *FCE course is not running
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday
    [20 lessons per week] 8:30 – 12:10
    [25 lessons per week] 8:30 – 13:10

Cambridge Preparation (FCE & CAE)

GLOBAL VILLAGE HAWAII is an official Cambridge Exam Center and a provider of Cambridge Exam Preparation programs in Honolulu!

Why take a preparation course?

  •  Benefit from teacher feedback for score improvement
  •  Get intensive skill practice for all components of the Cambridge Exam
  •  Track your progress easily with practice exams
  •  Build familiarity with the exam format
  •  Gain the confidence you need to use English in real situations!

Why Cambridge English?

  • Cambridge certificates are widely recognized by educational institutions, employers, and governments around the world.
  • Cambridge certificate is a valuable asset for studying abroad or working for an international business
  • The Cambridge certificate you earn will be valid for life!

GV offers the following two courses, FCE and CAE. The guideline for each level is as follows.

  • Cambridge Exam FCE (B2 first) The FCE (First Certificate in English) proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study in courses taught in English.
  • Cambridge Exam CAE (C1 Advanced) The CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is the next level exam after the FCE in the Cambridge suite of exams. It is proof of high-level achievement in English learning.

This intensive study program focuses on the Reading, Writing, Use of English (grammar), Listening, and Speaking sections of the test. There are practice tests leading up to the official exam date set by the University of Cambridge. Following the exam, students will be issued a certificate from the University.
2024 Program Schedule: Click here for the exam dates for each program.