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In Hawaii, the concepts of 'Malama' (to care for) and 'Kokua' (to help) are part of the local culture. With these in mind, our students have taken the time to care for the land they are visiting

Aloha everyone! Global Village Hawaii's fantastic Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) and Teen Learners of English (TLE) Programs has just Started! These popular programs are running from the beginning of July to August 16, 2024. A

Customized Group Tours Imagine bringing your group on a culturally immersive and educational excursion to Hawaii. Dancing the Hawaiian traditional dance, the hula, in the morning, and learning English in the afternoon. Or how about visiting historic

Cultural Experiences Being in Hawaii means being able to experience the many cultural activities Hawaii has to offer. At Global Village Hawaii, we provide our students many of these opportunities from lei making, to hula dancing, and

Lanikai Pillbox (Ka'iwa Ridge) Hike Lanikai Pillbox (Ka’iwa Ridge) is one of the most popular hikes on the island and is known for its beautiful views. Even for a short hike up the mountain, students were able

Volunteering in Hawaii April is Earth Month in America! This time in particular is a time to raise awareness around the issues that affect nature. For our students, they had the opportunity to learn and help to make

Honolulu Festival The Honolulu festival is one of Hawaii’s largest cultural event that promotes cooperation and harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. Many of our students and staff joined the rest of

2024 Summer YLE & TLE Programs GV Hawaii is excited to share this summer's draft activity calendars for the Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) and Teen Learners of English (TLE) programs! *5/7/2024 updated 2024 YLE Summer Activity Calendar

Kama'aina Discount What does the word kama’aina mean? It literally means “child of the land” in the Hawaiian language. In Hawaii, it refers to residents of the state of Hawaii. As kama’aina, you get to live in paradise and

Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail Casual and unique, the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail consists of 4km of paved trail leading up a ridge to the iconic lighthouse. Or you could choose to follow the trail off the paved

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