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Kama’aina Discount

What does the word kama’aina mean? It literally means “child of the land” in the Hawaiian language. In Hawaii, it refers to residents of the state of Hawaii. As kama’aina, you get to live in paradise and have access to special discounts called Kama’aina discounts! Kama’aina discounts are specials and deals from many different businesses. Most of these businesses will just ask that you show a Hawaii state ID or driver’s license to receive a discount.

But if you aren’t lucky enough to get a state ID, some places will still take a local student ID for kama’aina discounts. Places like Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay have been known to give discounts to students that show a local student ID, so we encourage students to get a student ID from the front desk at school and take advantage of the discounts that they can get. If you’re not sure if a place gives kama’aina discount with student IDs, it is always a good idea to ask to see if they offer a kama’aina rate or discount with a student ID.